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Prior to being named Marwell Park, Brinkley stud was previously owned by Italian owner/breeder Giuseppe Rosarti Colarieti for the last 25 years and during this time he bred World champion & stallion Rakti here at Brinkley. As well as Group 1 winners Groomtesse, Sumati & Timi.

Having purchased the stud we wish to give it a fresh start and so have re-named it Marwell Park in honour of Sir Edmund Loder's great champion filly and Gr.1 producing mare Marwell

Harriet Loder's 'Loderi Racing' ( Loderi meaning 'from the Loder' In Latin) is the company name for the breeding of thoroughbreds. The Loder family are well known more so for horticulture and in 1900 Sir Edmund Loder, an older generation than Marwell's breeder' crossed and created a group of rhododendrons and this group is called Loderi rhododendrons mainly recognised due to there big flowered and sweet smells. In 1920 Sir Edmund Loder created one called Loderi Pretty Polly after the great race are bred by Eustace Loder.

Rhododendron Loderi Pretty Polly

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